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Cluster-Crowd is a brainstorming platform that taps into the expert knowledge of business- , technology- , ICT- and life science clusters. We are well-connected across Europe and abroad.
Depending on the challenge in question, Cluster-Crowd will initiate a call for ideas within one area of expertise or include different knowledge clusters to initiate cross-innovation.
In cases where the challenge requires the view of the general public, Cluster-Crowd can reach out to a crowd that, up-to-date, includes 15 000 creative minds from all walks of life.

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e-Mobility - MEIN Mehrwert

Electric cars are more expensive compared to conventional gasoline and diesel vehicles. However, electric cars are already offering optional extras (such as preconditioning, App control, loading protocol, error messages during loading, etc..) That are often standard equipment in vehicles. What additional benefits are also conceivable?Additional benefits could be multimedia applications, energy storage (Vehcile to Grid), additional comfort, artificial intelligence, voice control, etc.

Be part of this coming up Cluster Crowd task! It’s your ideas that bring the future!


Switzerland is said to be the Innovation-Champion. But often it’s just the idea that’s born in Swiss companies – the commercial implementation takes place abroad.
In the context of a Consulting Cluster Event, taking place in Berne, we are looking for solutions in order to boost Innovation activities in Switzerland. So, now it’s your turn to answer questions, such as
How need Swiss companies to be organised to strengthen their innovation potential?
How can Swiss companies generate more added value for their businesses?

Be part of this coming up Cluster Crowd task! It’s your ideas that bring the future!

Name your future online service

In October 2012 the association eGov Switzerland launched a project that aims to provide individuals and companies with an online service to safely access  and independently manage their respective data. The user would control, what data are used and where data are used, while  keeping track of info sources and  data sharing. A user-friendly navigation concept would visualize the origin of the centrally stored information and indicate what institutions are authorized to access the data. Only the user would have the authority to release data and influence the flow of information at any time. With this project eGov is reaching  out to users, asking them how they would like to name their future service.

Imagine a parking meter you love

ELMOs (Electromobility Solutions for Cities and Regions), a European Commission project that aims to promote electromobility and electromobility-driven innovation and Parkeon, the World’s leading company in integrated on-street parking management solutions are joining forces to transform the way we experience parking meters.
With the crowd-sourcing initiative “Imagine a parking meter you love” they are reaching out to the general public and ICT clusters, asking them to describe what useful services or applications parking meters should offer in the future not only to motorists but also to anyone in the street.
The partners believe that parking terminals can play a bigger role in the urban everyday life as they are now being equipped with color screens and connected to the 3G network providing more interactivity to the users.

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The Cluster-Crowd Project “name your future online service” has been launched. The general public competition will be running on https://clustercrowd.atizo.com/  from  June 10th to June 30th. A total prize money of 1,000 euros will be divided amongst winning ideas.

Parkeon Pulse Your City - Cluster Contest / Competition for ICT businesses
Parkeon Pulse Your City: Imagine a parking meter you love. If a pay and display parking meter had a large color screen and was connected, what application or service would you push on it? We like to know your ideas!
Be part of it! The winner will realize with Parkeon a Proof of Concept!
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The first Cluster-Crowd Project “Imagine a parking meter you love” has been launched. The general public competition will be running on https://clustercrowd.atizo.com/ from April 12th  to May 3rd 2013. A total prize money of 2,000 euros will be divided amongst winning ideas.
Whoever would like to contribute towards a future where the sight of a parking meter puts a smile on our faces is invited to join the challenge!